24 Mantra Organic Multigrain Malt


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Multigrain Malt is a blend of 6 cereal grains (sprouted ragi, sprouted soyabean, sprouted brown chana, sprouted jowar, sprouted green moong, sprouted wheat) which gives you a bouquet of nutrition to the diet as sprouting enhances the nutritional value by decreasing anti-nutritional factors and enhancing digestibility. Thus, Multigrain Malt is a naturally flavored drink with sprouted grains with a natural taste and aroma. Ingredients: Sprouted Soybean*, Sprouted Mungbean (green Moong)*, Sprouted Finger Millet (ragi)*, Sprouted Chickpea (brown Chana)*, Sproued Sorghum (jowar)*, Sprouted Wheat*. How to Prepare: 1. Add 2 tsp of multigrain malt to 30 ml of water and mix well without lumps to make a smooth paste. 2. Add 120 ml of warm milk to the above mix and boil for 30 minutes. 3. Add Sugar as per taste and serve hot.