Ching's Hot & Sour Vegetable Soup -55gm

Brand: Chings
Ching's Secret Chinese Tonight Hot & Sour Veg Soup, Soup is an integral part of every Chinese meal, and is chosen to compliment the dishes being served. Soups provide a texture contrast, act as instant internal warm up and, quench the thirst. Ching's soups are made with carefully selected ingredients to ensure the delicious taste. These soups not only taste great, they are beneficial to health. They have more nutrients, low fat, low cholesterol and are easier on the digestive system. Rasta Chinese. Canteen Chinese. Hakka Chinese. Momo Chinese. Udupi Chinese. Mughlai Chinese. Fast food Chinese...Desi Chinese is Desi Chinese. And Ching's Chinese is Desi Chinese. Made in India and loved across the world, they say that to win Hindustani hearts even Chinese food became desi! And there's only one Desi Chinese food brand that can make desi hearts beat faster Ching's saucy. Spicy. Sweet and sour. Hot and sour. Crunchy. Slurpy. Zesty. Schezwani. Manchurian Whatever be the kind of Desi Chinese your palate craves for, only Ching's can hit the spot with a perfect zing.