Everest Shahi Paneer Masala -100gm

Brand: Everest

Paneer is one of the best epitome of Vegetarian Dishes to add the palate to the Indian Cuisines. Everest Shahi Paneer Masala is the fine grade and quality spices to enhance the taste of Shahi Paneer you prepare to delight your taste buds. The aroma, color, taste and texture of the astonishing varieties of spices in India nourish a rich variety of cuisines and cultures. Earlier, spices were chosen, measured, pounded and mixed, all in the kitchen. It took hours to prepare these spice recipes passed down by generations. Today, millions of homes enjoy the same authentic taste and aroma of traditional delicacies, with Everest's perfect blend of pure spices. These blends even bring the regions closer by providing the authentic taste of other regional cuisines, in the convenience of a pack, at home. That's why we think, Everest brings India closer through taste!

Each unit is 100 Gm