MDH Achari Aloo Masala -100 gm

Brand: MDH

Achari Aloo Masala is a dry powder mix of spices and herbs, formulated to enable even a novice to cook a delicious dish of achar Aloo. Achari Aloo Masala may also be used to cook achari potatoes, a dish featuring South Asian pickle. MDH takes special care in selecting the raw material for the ground single spices category. This provides the consumer with spices made from the choicest raw material maintaining the highest processing standards. MDH blended spices are a class apart. Each blend has been specially formulated to impart the genuine taste to various Indian food preparations. Decades of research has gone into preparing these blends needed in specific and classical Indian dishes. Indian traditional cookery is free of preservatives and artificial flavour enhancers. MDH does not use these synthetics. Starting with manually ground spices, MDH soon switched over to automatic machines to meet the fast growing demand for MDH Spices. 

Each unit is 100gm