Priya Garam Masala Powder -100gm

Brand: Priya
Being an expert cook and making every meal a celebration is now very easy and simple. Above all, you neither have to remember those umpteen kinds of spices and their quantities nor do you have to go through the elaborate process of cleaning, frying, grinding, etc. All you have to do is just cut open a packet of Priya Garam Masala and add it to your dish to give the finishing touches that will leave a mesmerizing aroma and an unforgettable taste. Directions for use: PRIYA GARAM MASALA makes every dish taste special with its rich aroma and flavor. Add Priya Garam Masala just before you finish cooking to ensure that its subtle flavor and aroma are retained. Priya Garam Masala can also be used for seasoning, crisp Samosas, Pakoras, etc., or added to yogurt for making delicious Raitas.